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Nadine Atia is an experienced counsellor, social worker and sex therapist.  Nadine offers counselling and coaching on a variety of issues including sexual wellbeing and general mental health. As a Woman of Colour, Nadine holds expertise in working with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and especially individuals who identify as Muslim. Nadine has over 16 years’ experience working within the Muslim community and has gained extensive experience in supporting people with issues of sexual violence, trauma and healing.  Nadine’s professional and warm approach, coupled with high regard for her client’s wellbeing provides a safe context within which to grow.


Nadine completed her undergraduate studies in English and cinema studies and a graduate Masters of Social Work at La Trobe University. Nadine’s interest in human sexuality lead her to study sexual health at the University of Melbourne (Graduate Certificate of Sexual Health).  Nadine completed her post-graduate qualifications in psychosexual therapy/sex therapy through the Postgraduate Program in Sexual and Reproductive at the University of Sydney (Master of Science in Medicine).  Nadine has a well-rounded professional education and extensive experience in counselling and working with people on issues related to human sexuality. 

Her sex-positive therapeutic style is inclusive and appreciates clients’ backgrounds, including gender and sexual diversity.  She has much experience providing counselling to individuals who identify as trans, lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer and non-identifying.  Throughout Nadine’s career, she has also worked with people with diverse abilities whether physical, intellectual or psychological. Nadine has previously worked with multicultural organisations and understands issues of ethnicity and faith in Multicultural Australia.   This experience allows her to understand the unique experience of people who may find themselves not fitting into their cultural standards. Nadine's passion is built on empowering fellow People of Colour and the wider community in sexual wellbeing.  Her focus is on pleasure in sexuality which is often overlooked.  Sex, desire, connection and pleasure are unique to the individual, with her compassionate awareness and open practice she is welcoming of that diversity and promotes access to your inner resources.


Nadine believes in honouring people’s sacred sexuality – individually and in relationships. She works with monogamous and polyamorous singles, couples and relationships who wish to develop tools and strategies to increase their intimacy and sexual lives. Nadine recognises that one’s inhibitions of sex may reflect social and culturally conditioning. She encourages those in her therapy room to be open and expand their consciousness for a tangible experience for sacred sex. Nadine incorporates her knowledge into useable tools on healing, connecting and re-discovering senses within lovemaking and sex.

Nadine tailors her approach to the unique needs of each client and draws on therapeutic styles appropriate to the person and the issue.  Through a Trauma informed lens; Nadine uses an integrative approach and draws on somatic embodiment approach, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), person-centered and psychodynamic modalities.  Nadine often incorporates art and other expressive therapies to her work, while working holistically within an intersectional framework. She believes in catering to the unique needs of the person. 

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